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Saturday, 31 January 2009

'Subjectivity is Truth,' Søren Kierkegaard

I thought it might be interesting to start a discussion on famous quotes and hear your thoughts on them. I would like to start with this one and give my own opinion on what Kierkegaard means by this famous statement, and of course, hear what all of you might think about it.

I believe Kierkegaard stresses here the importance of the subject to decide what truth is for a particular individual. We sometimes believe that truth is 'out there' and that there is a truth separate from our very selves. While one may not want to deny the fact that there are things we believe to be right or wrong, we have to admit that the very fact that WE are deciding about something puts us, the individual, at the centre of this process and the most important factor in that decision.

I think that something relevant we can take from this quote is that it is us who decide what we believe to be the truth. It is us with our present, past and future that can create our own truth, because there is nothing out there that we perceive that is is not always perceived through us. It is interesting to notice that we do this all the time, whether consciously or subconsciously. It is us, and only us as individual subjects, who constantly create our own truth. And this truth, of course, is the most valid truth that exists.

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jmgq said...

La primera pregunta que tendríamos que hacernos es si esta cita es de Kierkegaard o de Johannes Climacus, porque creo que Soren firmó las Migajas Filosóficas con ese pseudónimo, con lo cuál no sabemos si esa reflexión se refiere a lo que él pensaba o era un intento más de aguijonear el sueño de la burguesía protestante danesa.
Decir que la subjetividad es la verdad no es más que una forma elegante de decir que no existe la verdad, sino sólo el yo y la forma en que mi yo interpreta todo. Pienso que la subjetividad es un bien humano y necesario. Pero poner a Dios bajo la subjetividad es un absurdo tal que no creo que Kierkegaard lo pensara así.